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Jesse Profile Headshot
Jesse Profile Headshot

Licensed Real Estate Agent, CA

Cerified Tax Accountant, CA

Musical Artist

Orange County,CA

I spent a great deal of my youth searching to do the things that I love, that fulfill me, that provide me the freedom to be.

While in college I set my concentration on the arts, particularly music, because it provided me with the stage to learn from the past, live in the present, and focus on the future. As I completed my studies, I worked in property management and tax accounting. At first these were just meant to make ends meet, but these two sectors began to grow into much more when I saw the opportunity to be of service my community. My hunger for knowledge kept me constantly developing my education in order to create better educated and financially conscious tax payers.

This lead me to more complex situations and my research drove me to real estate and joining Seven Gables Real Estate. I find real estate fascinating because of the value it provides to individuals, families, and society. One fact about the industry and life is that the value of relationships far outlasts the value of transactions. There is nothing more fulfilling than creating long lasting relationships.

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